Monday, February 20, 2012

DIY - scrapbooking organization

Lately I've been working on quite a few projects at once, which has left me feeling quite overwhelmed. So I decided to spend sometime this weekend cleaning and organizing my scrap space. (I will post pics of the entire space once it's done!)

My ribbon stash has been driving me CRAZY! Two years I unraveled all my ribbon and rolled them onto clothespins which looked adorable and worked for a while. But I never kept up with it and the mountain of ribbon scraps has taken over!

I got my latest issue of Scrapbooks ETC. where I saw an idea to use a pant's hanger to organize ribbon spools. I decided to adapt this idea and used my existing IKEA pole system and a wooden dowel to create a ribbon organization system. I love the way it turned out (not to mention I only had to pay 79 cents for the dowel). In doing so I also realized my unconscious desire to purchase PINK ribbon! LOL. I plan on expanding the system as needed.
I also came up with a system for organizing my scraps. I find that if they're not well organized I will NEVER use them! I saw this idea somewhere but can't remember where! :( I bought the Cropper Hopper Vertical Pack and labeled each individual divider (it comes with 12) by color.

Thanks for stopping by. Please leave a comment and share any other organizing ideas you have found useful in your own space!


  1. I need to look into this Ikea dowel thing, I don't have much ribbon but it would be nice for other things one could hang :) thanks for the idea!

    C :)

    1. The metal bar and hooks are from IKEA, i added the wooden dowel! Hope that helps! -Julie

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  3. Great idea for ribbon storage Lily! I also love your Spring inspired photo and am going to "pin it" for inspiration! Thanks for joining us at Great Impressions Stamps Lily!