Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My at-home Photo Session

I have to say that one of the best parts about being a new mom is seeing your baby smile. I can spend hours just snapping away trying to capture that perfect little smirk.  I end up with dozens of pics of the same exact moment yet somehow he manages to look completely different in all of them.   Thousands of photos later my iPhone is telling me I have run out of storage! Ooops...How can I ever delete any of these pics???

I had a professional photographer come to the house when Baby Vin was 3 weeks old for one of those adorable newborn photo sessions that I obsessed over for months on Pinterest!  They are adorable and I'm so glad I did it. But I couldn't help feeling the sense that I paid for something I could  have done myself.  I am one of those people who looks at things and says...Oh I can do that myself, why pay for it?  So when Valentine's Day rolled around, I thought...I got this!

I set up a pillow with a cute textured blanket, put him a Valentine's onesie and snapped away! Granted he was 2 months old so he was slightly easier to handle, I think I did a pretty good job!

Here's a layout I made using pics form my mini "at-home" photo session!

Check out some of the adorable little embellishments I used from bcuzuluvme.  The camera, twine, white lacey border sticker, and the black photo corners are from there! Tina makes/sells the sweetest little embellishments! Head over to her site and check it out- you won't be disappointed!

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