Saturday, December 10, 2011

Using Ribbon

When growing up I always looked forward to decorating for the holidays! My brother and I would help my mom put up the tree, hand the stockings, and set up the nativity. after we finished that initial phase of decorating I remember my mother would then go around the house putting bows on ANYTHING and EVERYTHING! As a teenager I thought she was crazy -we would have ribbons on the tree, on candle holders even around the hand towels in the bathroom (seriously)! I wasn't until I got married and began to decorate my own home that I realized I loved that tradition. I have found myself year after year breaking out the ribbons for the Holiday season! I have to say - my MOM was right (ouch!) Everything is more festive when you put a bow on it. It gives a special touch to simple everyday objects!

This year I added bows to our stockings and jazzed up a frame from a discount store!

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